Fibarchie Story to Date

The Fibarchie systems are no longer trading, like many trading systems they did not live up to the promise of the back-testing and the markets did what they do, and changed character, becoming non conducive to breakout trading. When it became obvious what was happening the systems were redesigned to take smaller and smaller risks as drawdown increased, in the end the boredom was too much and my backers correctly decided they could put their capital to better use elsewhere. There is no doubt that at some point in the future, the system will once again be profitable, but it is unrealistic to expect anyone to tie up capital in anticipation of future profits.

The systems worked very well throughout the period that it traded, testament to the stability of the internet, cloud based computing & the trading algorithms. In essence, I wanted to keep the intellectual property under lock & key whilst still giving my clients the ability to set trade size and risk. To this end, the system used a master-server configuration whereby the slaves poled the master for trades. The slaves worked autonomously knowing where the targets and stops were so could take profits or get out of losing trades without the need to contact the master for confirmation. My clients could decide how much risk they wanted to take as a percentage of the master trades. The master would typically risk 1% of equity and the slave could be set to increase or decrease risk as the client saw fit.