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Fibarchie develop low frequency financial trading systems to analyze various markets and generate clear concise setups for independent traders and an automatic trading system for fund managers. This is an ongoing process, new systems will be released as and when they are fully tested and proved.


Professional systems that employs guerilla trading techniques with a very strong emphasis on risk management facilitating a controlled exposure to various markets


A system utilizing eight diverse foreign exchange pairs


A commodity trading system trading futures contracts in  precious metals, copper and oil

Libra (coming soon)

A  system that uses a basket of very diverse futures contracts to spread risk and maximize profit

Olympia (coming soon)

The seven best performers from each fund packaged together for maximum return.



Investment opportunities

Fibarchie are looking for partners, if you have good sales infrastructure and are interested in giving  your clients exposure to foreign exchange or commodities we would be very interested to talk to you. Contact us here.


The People

Fibarchie is run by David Turton, in his previous existence he spent many years designing and implementing IT systems for national newspapers and large financial institutions in the City. In 2002 he changed direction, spending a year going walkabout. On his return he went back to college where he qualified as a project manager. A second career flipping houses ensued then in 2007 he started trading. His strong IT background gave Dave a very good edge. The ability to backtest a trading strategy without risking any money is priceless. Or, maybe not priceless, but has saved blowing up a trading account or two! Like all new traders he searched for the “Holy Grail,” testing each new strategy to destruction. Once he found a system that gave good results he would forward test, using small amounts of money to prove the strategy. Like a lot of software engineers new to trading, he found that the systems he developed were so finely tuned that they did not work in the ”real world”. Lesson learned: The existing indicators don’t work unless they are tempered by years of trading experience and used in conjunction with other systems. Indicators all give “after the fact” signals. What he needed was a way to analyze the markets to pre-empt moves and get ahead of the game. So he started to develop pattern recognition algorithms.


More Information

If you would like more information on the systems or have suggestions on the web-site or the trading systems then please  get in touch, we would be pleased to hear from you.

Many thanks for your visit you are welcome back anytime.

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